Slot machines of any casino (be it a gambling house or online casino) are terminals with pre-installed “one-armed bandit” game.  At the same time, the player is given an opportunity to play for real money with the cashing out of winnings. It is this fact has built around slot machines huge army of fans. A smaller proportion of them play the machines for fun, and the rest of the players are trying to beat this ill-fated machine stuffed with Jackpot-money. Due to the latter circumstance, historically, there are two completely different ways to win at the “one-armed bandit”. The first way, although not the easiest, but welcomed by all casinos. This is a fair game by any strategy chosen by the player, try to play gambling conditions there are really good and there is an opportunity to try to beat this club.

The second way is illegal and is associated with a hacking game system. And if everything is more or less clear with the first method, the option of hacking for many gamblers is shrouded in mystery. In this regard, the portal Joker Monarch has prepared for you an article in which dispels the myth about the possibility of breaking the slot machines, as well as a review of the winning strategies in the slot machines.

How I tried to beat online casinos and what happened

I think that every player at online casinos has met obsessive advertising on social networks or different websites about how you can beat online casinos playing different gambling schemes and for more “trust” adding to his scheme spectacular video, where, indeed, following the scheme player took away a large sum. But how are things in reality? I experienced it for myself and found out who in the end earns and on whom. (spoiler – not just online casinos)

Book of Ra is a popular online casino game

Who needs it? There is another link in the chain “casino” > “player”, namely the webmaster, who attracts new players to the casino with advertising, earning a percentage of their deposits. But there are also not entirely honest webmasters, and we’ll talk about them below.

How do you create a video with big winnings when playing the scheme? Everything is banality simple. Enter the name of any online casino slot into YouTube video hosting service, looking for a video with big winnings and simply describe already in the scheme of the sequence of actions that need to be performed to win, and the actions themselves are taken from the video. Take those that were just before the successful “spin.

Video slots profitable gambling ways

What is the result? Unscrupulous webmaster publishes the scheme with the video in social networks, invests money in advertising to attract views of interested people to the scheme, players repeat it in the right online casino and almost always lose their money (sometimes they win, but not because of the scheme, but the usual random), and the webmaster gets part of the money you lost. PROFIT.

It is important to remember that the online casino schemes can not cheat, it is built on mathematics and numbers. Only knowing these figures you can distribute your “bankroll” more effectively, for example, the percentage of return on the slot in the online mode plummet channel Liberia Live. The game in the casino for a long distance almost inevitably leads to the loss.