Winning at the casino – a myth or reality

The role of mathematics in gambling. Buy from a casino – it is real, but you need to know the basic principles of its operation. In some cases, the profits can be very solid, and sometimes the winnings will be a nice addition to the budget. I highly recommend that you try the strategy described in this article at site. Every player wishing to find win-win strategies for online casinos should know such terms and concepts:

  • mathematical expectation (all details here).
  • Dispersion of wins and losses (the list of all cycles of slots NetEnt).
  • Casino advantage (more in the article Why the institution wins).

Let us dwell on the variance

Dispersion is a spread of values relative to the average. For example, one day the player won from the casino a large sum, but the next day he lost several times more. Such situations arise if a particular game has a high variance, that is, the spread of losses and wins is very wide.

The advantage of dispersion manifests itself mainly in the game “at a distance” (i.e., in a long game). Thus, players try to smooth out the variance. But over the long haul, the variance also works in the casino’s favor, allowing them to compensate for the loss of player winnings. From each hand of cards, spin of the reels or launch of the ball, the casino receives a certain percentage, so on long distances its profits grow. So, for example, when playing roulette, the casino will win 2.7% of each player’s bet, and when playing poker, up to 6%. The casino advantage is the inverse of the mathematical expectation.

The most profitable and unprofitable games

Winning and losing gamesOn the internet you can easily find tables with casino benefits for games in different modifications. From these tables, it is easy to conclude that the casino advantage – in the range from 0.1% to 30%. If a player can entice expectation of winning on his side, he will get a real chance to win from the casino money over a long distance.

In the material profitable slot machines at the casino we have sorted out in detail – for which slot machines worth paying attention, and from what you need to stay away.

We strongly recommend you read the section How to win at the casino.

Our tips are the most effective to date and are necessary to understand the principles of both the casino and the slot machines. And who has the knowledge, he has a better chance to win (and big) at online casinos.

Casino Schemes – Don’t Trust the Scammers

Today, many players perceive casinos as a way to make money, which results in a total collapse. A responsible attitude towards gambling is not looking for information on how to win easily at casinos, online versions of which remain available to everyone. Disappointingly, the casino schemes presented on many websites do NOT WORK. That’s why don’t fall for big-sounding slogans like “We know how to cheat casinos” etc.

The best games

How Not to Lose Blackjack and slot machines with progressive jackpots give us a positive mathematical expectation of our game. If you follow the basic strategy and combine it with a plus-minus card counting system, you can reduce your casino advantage to a negative value. Two conditions must be met. The dealer must not cut more than a third of the card deck when shuffling, and the game must be played fairly on the casino side. Although it is legal to count cards, as a rule, good casino counters are quickly identified and given a black card. After that, the player becomes unwelcome in this institution.