Roshan Dairy is a group owned business with a philosophy that emphasizes ethics, sustainability and viability. Roshan, meaning illuminating, is not only our group’s name, but represents our strive to be the industry leaders and change makers. We’ve created a sustainable and environmentally advanced dairy farm that produces and distributes the very best milk in terms of quality and purity.

We choose and pick all our high breed milking animals (Murrah, Nili-Ravi, Bhadawari) from Punjab and Haryana states.

We use good quality oil cakes of Mustard (Sarson) and Cotton seed (Binola) in abundance for nutrition and grow our own grass, which comes from locally developed seeds that we fertilize with gobar (cow dung). We also mix the high-quality Mineral and additional nutrients with fodder in order to maintain the general and reproductive health of the animals.

Trained workers monitor the animals 24/7 and veterinarians visit on a regular basis to keep the animals healthy.

We also give regular training to our staff, on-line and on-site through Government seminars and the doctors from various Med companies.

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