A Bit About Us.

At Roshan Group, we believe in not just building sustainable infrastructure, but also in giving best service and quality construction. Therefore, when we envision a project, we go to great lengths to ensure that it is in harmony with the environment and is true to our customer’s expectations and satisfaction. We strive hard to design innovative residential and commercial spaces that are cost-effective and yet aesthetically designed with the best construction quality. We aim to find the perfect balance between form and function so that our customers can lead an enriched life that they have always dreamed of.


A place you may seek out the building materials you need is online. If you buy an opportunity to avail free shipping alongside wholesale shopping, you can save plenty of money. Working with internet construction wholesalers permits you to order various materials from various vendors, securing the very best price. With Roshan Building Material, now you can observe the requirements of the buyers and supply accordingly.

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We provide a wide range of building construction services, from renovation to restoration and site management. No matter how big or small your project is, our approach is always the same. With Roshan Contracting, now you can observe the requirements of the buyers and supply accordingly.

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Roshan Dairy offers milk that is farm fresh with no additives or chemicals and is instantly pasteurized. The entire process chain from chilling, pasteurization and consumer delivery is automated and mechanized to maintain absolute purity and ensures that taste and structure of the milk intact.

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The only desire that we at Roshan Food have is to make sure that you get the best tasting Food to fill your heart and your tummy! We love to put our heads and hearts together to ensure that you get delicious and delectable food in every mouthful that you have.

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Roshan Group go from strength to strength and our best is yet to come.

Anwar Abbasi, Meatabolic | Delhi
Danish Mahmood, Delhi
Dr Saleha Jamal, Associate Professor AMU
Ameer Khusro, Dubai
Alam Faheem, Qatar

Completed 100,000 Square Feet Area